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  • Search Your Song in “Search Box” (Which is available in Roblox Music)
  • Click on “Roblox Code” Option
  • You should “COPY” the code
  • You have to “PASTE” that code in Roblox game
  • automatically will be playing it.
Song NameCode (ID's)
Tokyo Drift -(1588 Sales)2351362151
Candy House [Santa's House]-(188 Sales)83846326
Nebelwerfer-(588 Sales)69286736
Ben 10-(988 Sales)1471331290
despacito 3-(56 Sales)2167305903
Beast Mode-(188 Sales)129065771
TRIGGERED-(358 Sales)573555881
Aesthetic (READ DESC!) -(1588 Sales)865677338
Baymax Glove-(788 Sales)206502484
Best faces givers ever! V.5.1-(1188 Sales)102825173
NOVA GANG MEME AUDIO!-(13888 Sales)1930021855
Jack's Radio-(118 Sales)1647532511
SPOOKY SCARY SKELETONS-(1,88,888 Sales)160442087
She Sings Me To Sleep-(588 Sales)657293684
Matheus Yurley - Zé Droguinha-(988 Sales)1723584558
When I Made This-(8888 Sales)102750640
Ozzypig's Cutscene Editor-(3888 Sales)1198395118
Nooblets-(188 Sales)401390794
Super Sad Face-(588 Sales)114086373
TURN DOWN FOR WHAT-(188 Sales)140660549
When We Were Young-(188 Sales)518960957
SHUT UP-(388 Sales)1708054737
Tyler Donko "Loft" LEAKED-(195 Sales)1239793327
Pumped Up Kicks-(588 Sales)1875473197
Frozen 8-bit Fedora-(188 Sales)121966035
Imagine Dragons - Beliver [Trap-Remix] -(5888 Sales)1256211816
Don't Mine At Night-(15 Sales)117628997
Walmart Yodeling Kid (Trap Remix-(188 Sales)1864544433
Christmas Remix ( BASS Boosted)-(388 Sales)1043347391
XXXTENTACION - RIP ROACH -(3788 Sales)1140934389
Moving On-(188 Sales)231210291
Girl-(3888 Sales)119589707
Have you seen the Herobrine? -(188 Sales)147092836
Blindmag8 supergirl outfit-(188 Sales)126897348
DanTDM - The red one has been chosen.-(538 Sales)428422524
Miss Kobayashi's Maid Dragon Opening-(388 Sales)701114462
Stranger Things {TRAP REMIX}-(588 Sales)1157523990
Katy Perry - Unconditionally -(188 Sales)138375887
bendy song angel of the Stage-(588 Sales)836460553
Loud High-Pitched Siren-(388 Sales)481886341
Fortnite - Take The L Emote (LOUD) -(3888 Sales)1690737535
Pokemon & Chao Pen-(158 Sales)17254439
Purple Prankster-(188 Sales)401737568
Remember Our Love - BajanCanadian-(99 Sales)196681585
The NikkieTutorials- ASPRINCE (DESC)-(38k Sales)565774400
Blindmag8 supergirl outfit -(188 Sales)126897348
happy-(788 Sales)165781664
ROBLOX Store Plugin-(5k Sales)142437900
WINDOWS-(188 Sales)416222418
AR-15-(1k Sales)416222418
The Poop Song-(3k Sales)433123109
Team Change V3-(58 Sales)703894917
Evercyan's Advanced RPG Kit-(1M Sales)1498988226
Flower Crown w/ wig (Bun on back)-(588 Sales)265374951
Nintendo switch -(5k Sales)825010028
Ozzypig's Cutscene Editor-(3k Sales)288811467
Person399's Admin Commands V3-(18k Sales)142423980
Cutscene Creator-(588 Sales)142441998
Free Wings-(33k Sales)397558836
xxxtentacion - #proudcatowner-(788 Sales)1272275391
thank u, next -(1888 Sales)2540121335
OD er Alarm-(1k Sales)1097825933
Purge-(388 Sales)598641344
Sith Lord Morph-(18k Sales)339051061
BOOP BOOP BEEP BEEP BOOP BOP -(673 Sales)446621148
[ORIGINAL]OH YEAH MR KRABS-(3888 Sales)235997694
Welcome to Freddy's-(388 Sales)212350439
FNaF Remix I got no time - CG5-(388 Sales)1036874709
She wasnt ready- Kevin Hart -(58 Sales)183864857
I'm So MLG-(188 Sales)218983793
Imagine Dragons - Thunder (Remix)-(18k Sales)1140892272
Mashup 58+ Songs-(158 Sales)676333655
OBBY KIT!-(188k Sales)1815618491
#CFC Aesthetic Desk-(118 Sales)864662030
Troy Ave - All About The Money (Clean)-(188 Sales)191834600
SubZero Morph -(18k Sales)1446851420
Croft Manor -(688 Sales)806994984
Haunted Hospital (For horror games!)-(158 Sales)153387827
Pagani Zonda Cinque Roadster-(17k Sales)42580567
My minigun-(188 Sales)188283739
Discord-(388 Sales)265518596
lamborghini -(53 Sales)911053470
Akimbo Weights-(78 Sales)3210710
ALBERTSSTUFF - CAN I HAVE A JOE-(388 Sales)1389538785
Radioactive (Synchronice Remix)-(58 Sales)151694677
Staffs of the Ancients -(15k Sales)668612201
Epic Dummy-(588 Sales)119241584
Pastry-(918 Sales)461450591
Thomas HDX (READ DESC)-(188 Sales)392299693
Wrecking Ball ~CaKeD Up-(1k Sales)132828210
MW3: HMMWV 'Humvee' -(58888 Sales)20209461
Black and white dress! -(988 Sales)91602434
OBBY KIT!-(188k Sales)1815618491
IceJJFish - On The Floor-(388 Sales)148585270
Cat -(688 Sales)604961059
Group Admin-(988 Sales)1006594937
Guest disstrack-(58 Sales)1596973084
Tardis-(58 Sales)177070619
Prussian hats -(188 Sales)942880176
Tropical Pup-(178 Sales)999445979
Bloxster 3XH -(188 Sales)158783214
FPS Creator-(8k Sales)142440532
Cacti - Midnight Radio-(1k Sales)718526439
Cog Soldier -(1k Sales)99143456
Jurassic World Gyrosphere-(3688 Sales)264640154
Aesthetic Anti-exploit-(188k Sales)2478232220
Fire Axe -(588 Sales)744065172
ATARI PONG Arcade Machine-(188 Sales)1838705369
bo burnham- sad -(188 Sales)340576766
Juice WRLD - Lucid Dreams-(3k Sales)2217714529
FN5F 3: The endoskeleton-(588 Sales)269349549
Jem Face-(588 Sales)296866019
dun dun dun-(58 Sales)138090534
Starter Arena-(1k Sales)137978999
Audi rs5 -(388 Sales)1132381826
Effects Box-(1888 Sales)222518736
Caillou -(58 Sales)563542506
M359 -(6k Sales)133881334
Black Charmer-(1k Sales)383447958
Clannad - Snowfield -(58 Sales)175215264
Face (FREE TO TAKE) -(38 Sales)171384557
Bloxlore Help-bot-(358 Sales)101122683
Red Jordan Hat-(9.5k Sales)123913604
Smosh - Your Dumb I'm Dumber-(3k Sales)180741451
[CS:GO] R8 Revolver-(1k Sales)362731589
The Ultimate MineCraft Block Set -(1k Sales)122493701
Battle Against a Truuhhh Hero-(78 Sales)676207025
Titanic Iceberg Collision Effect FULL -(38 Sales)993177868
[British Army] Backpack-(18k Sales)1232567021
Realistic Basketball-(187 Sales)141246051
Glock 33 - WORKING 875-(958 Sales)476365203
Omega Gabe (UNDERTALE)-(588 Sales)676631527
Map Changing Script-(3k Sales)134550326
I spy (Remix)(Short)-(188 Sales)1081609042
ATARI PONG Arcade Machine-(188 Sales)1838705369
TMM Epic Radio-(388 Sales)189065001
BET Polaris Lighting Controller-(1188 Sales)389391541
Working Dyno-(758 Sales)886906135
Gaming PC-(1k Sales)235991070
iPhone 5C (Tool) V3.8 -(17k Sales)129507132
Sith-(1k Sales)329575249
Ad Boards Kit-(588k Sales)1474822264
Music Background-(558 Sales)142502342
Suspus (Ceza) -(588 Sales)2000042135
Stranger things wal music-(188 Sales)1333319672
true salt -(188 Sales)170481811
Snow Scarf-(168 Sales)101229882
HyperSuit MK IV - Upgrade: Flight -(38k Sales)255901740
Space Core v3 -(588 Sales)231548651
Spiral's Admin Commands-(388k Sales)1014509538
minion-(988 Sales)120467255
6 Moving Famous Robloxians -(318 Sales)107953656
Trademark - Long Shot(Triple C) -(388 Sales)236601543
Jailbreak-(38 Sales)993233879
Flamethrower-(158 Sales)2534504809
Coffee Machine (DD)-(1.1k Sales)148500022
GetRankInGroup Head Logo-(388 Sales)91909467
SpongeBob Remix-(388 Sales)341626471
Ariana Grande Morph -(188 Sales)480306332
GANGNAM STYLE-(188 Sales)260182265
Goggles of Amethyst Sigh-(388 Sales)138310321
QOrb Script -(158 Sales)125305397
Mrs.Doge-(58 Sales)152240729
Ariana Grande Bang Bang AMA'S outfit-(138 Sales)402903377
Hunger Games Kit!-(388 Sales)170001118
Legendary Machine (Kirby Air Ride)-(58 Sales)169339096
Five Nights at Freddy's 3 Map-(3k Sales)188683122
Free Catalog (Move to Starter GUI)-(588 Sales)480482504
VenturianTale Helmet-(688 Sales)122440879
MLG Doritos-(138 Sales)190521389
Shadow Daggers-(1k Sales)347996393
PINK GUY - BE INSPIRED-(1k Sales)613875288
X36 Taser Holstered - Unholstered -(1k Sales)367726616
Rainbow Prom Dresses(-(1k Sales)111298806
MLG Shades-(388 Sales)186714579
The Rock-(388 Sales)83491168
Pokemon Lavender Town FULL-(888 Sales)142285337
walmart yodeling kid remix -(3k Sales)1591647762
B-17E Flying Fortress-(888 Sales)149417865
Spag Heddy-Love at First Sine-(358 Sales)241642478
Super Sonic-(588 Sales)190943018
Dying Dinosaur/Dinosaur noises-(38 Sales)940901049
Boeing 757-188-(388 Sales)268300670
MINECRAFT Fallen kingdom-(1138 Sales)148783321
Minecraft Story Mode - Wither Storm-(358 Sales)340930511
Splinx Restaurant-(38 Sales)882653228
cute babys that follow you -(388 Sales)87659781
Heart Afire-(1k Sales)532933680
It's Over 9888! Remix-(188 Sales)336668604
Golden TM Radio-(688 Sales)257221971
Dominus Hallow -(388 Sales)383163526
The Puppet Song - TryHardNinja-(388 Sales)270479110
Nub Cola-(58 Sales)300082197
Undertale - Bonetrousle Kazoo-(59 Sales)327654689
Guitar Player w/ Case 1.8 Body-(188 Sales)231720570
S3RL - Catchit-(5 Sales)255475084
Red cool hat-(1k Sales)116179098
Rambo -(188 Sales)113861524
The Living Tombstone - Die in a Fire-(188 Sales)245033472
Vanoss Animated -(188 Sales)336619323
Tobu - Puzzle-(188 Sales)280960461
Green Day Album Sales Kiosk -READ DESC FOR CASH-(3k Sales)15909340
DanTDM Outro-(188 Sales)1281834355
Baymax Helmet -(388 Sales)206499533
Bars and Melody - Hopeful-(178 Sales)163839407
COCO-(558 Sales)221232134
Hard Bass School - Nash Gimn-(358 Sales)2321362668
High Hopes Panic! At The Disco-(5k Sales)2646695003
Book that you can write in-(1k Sales)36606438
Never Gonna Shoot Your Stars-(188 Sales)691374040
(Miitopia) Darkest Lord -(188 Sales)971457500
Hologram Machine-(388 Sales)220404010
It's Raining Tacos!-(1k Sales)147153756
Good Working Touch To Get Admin button-(388 Sales)102195082
Slenderman Plushie-(187 Sales)103790668
Shoujo Anime: Kami Shinobi -(388 Sales)507502994
Gioni - Trigger -(388 Sales)260573262
Golden Hair -(5388 Sales)66971883
Initial D - Deja Vu-(1k Sales)949583914
Free Face-(788k Sales)156071940
Juan Vines-(188 Sales)335881650
Kia Soul-(388 Sales)1361738703
cavetown-bestfriend-(58 Sales)2405588121
Melanie Martinez - Band-Aid-(188 Sales)768103545
Colt 1855 carbine-(176 Sales)189857959
Type 93 HMG-(578 Sales)238884248
Samst Pa Fortnite-(188 Sales)1999019905
arijuana's Kit V.3-(188 Sales)167311596
Gravity Falls 16 Bit theme!-(388 Sales)145506428
La Jiggy Jar Jar Doo-(1k Sales)180201672
Mr. Krabs is one thicc bih-(55 Sales)882426697
town.mid-(188 Sales)142676187
1958s Civilian Car -(388 Sales)1909843617
Teal Nike Cap -(1k Sales)142870999
I'll Make Some Cake-(188 Sales)339433320
588 Chunks Minecraft Parody-(758 Sales)146043289
lil peep x lil tracy-(188 Sales)1248914246
Clothing Shop!-(3k Sales)580287981
Five Nights at Freddy's 3 Map-(3k Sales)188683122

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