King’s raid Tier List (October 2020)

The Fascinating mobile game King’s Raid is increasing the interest of gamers day after day. The developer of this King’s Raid, Vespa irradiated this free-to-play side-scrolling RPG game. It hit the platform of the gaming world and elevated the revolution of South Korean and English language in 2016.

The Game is all about collecting the character SRPG. These allow the players to create their own group of characters with their desires. But these are strictly apart from real-time PVP arena,  gacha system, and several raid battles.

The 3D graphics with real-time battles gives all the players a complete visual amusement. Well, Not only the Korean and English languages, from 2017, it is featuring the Vietnamese, Russian, French, German, Portuguese, and many more. This article is the right place for you get into the Raid tier list for your game.

king's raid tier list

King’s Raid Tier List

The tier lists are the way to have fun and enjoy the game environment.  The players can create their own team from the king’s raid tier list to feel the sapience of the game.

King’s Raid (Best Archers for PvE)

  • S Tier: Zafir
  • A Tier: Requina, Luna, Selene, Yuria
  • B Tier: Arch, Dimael, Shamilla
  • C Tier: Yanne

King’s Raid (Best Archers for PvP)

  • S Tier: Requina, Yuria
  • A Tier: Dimael, Zafie
  • B Tier: Arch, Luna, Shamilla
  • C Tier: Selene, Yanne

King’s Raid (Best Assassins for PvE)

  • S Tier: Erze, Epis
  • A Tier: Ezekiel, Mirianne, Laudia
  • B Tier: Nia, Reina, Tanya
  • C Tier: Roi, Gladi, Fluss

King’s Raid (Best Assassins for PvP)

  • S Tier: Fluss, Mirianne
  • A Tier:Erze, Laudia, Epis, Ezekiel
  • B Tier: Nia, Reina

King’s Raid (Best Knights for PvE)

  • S Tier Clause, Neraxis, Glenwys, Loman
  • A Tier Jane, Phillop, Sonia
  • B Tier Aselica, Morrah, Demia
  • C Tier Ricardo, Dosarta

King’s Raid (Best Knights for PvP)

  • C Tier Aselica, Clause, Glenwys, Morrah
  • A Tier Dosarta, Phillop, Sonia
  • B Tier Jane, Neraxis

King’s Raid (Best Mechanics for PvE)

  • A Tier Lakrak, Miruru
  • B Tier Oddy, Kara
  • C Tier Mitra, Rodina, Crow

King’s Raid (Best Mechanics for PvP)

  • A Tier Kara, Lakrak, Annette
  • B Tier Chrisha, Crow
  • C Tier Oddy, Mitra, Rodina

King’s Raid (Best Priests for PvE)

  • A Tier Kaulah, Laias, Lavril
  • B Tier Lucias, Shea
  • C Tier Baudouin, Cassandra, Leo, May

King’s Raid (Best Priests for PvP)

  • S Tier Leo, Rephy, Cassandra
  • A Tier Baudouin, Juno, Lucias,
  • B Tier Laias, Mediana, Shea
  • C Tier Frey, Kaulah, Lavril, May

King’s Raid (Best Warriors for PvE)

  • S Tier Gau, Theo, Viska
  • A Tier Chase, Kasel, Naila, Seria, Priscilla, Bernheim
  • B Tier Nicky
  • C Tier Scarlet

King’s Raid (Best Warriors for PvP)

  • S Tier Scarlet, Chase, Bernheim
  • A Tier Gau, Kasel, Naila, Viska, Seria
  • B Tier Priscilla
  • C Tier Theo, Nicky

King’s Raid (Best Wizards for PvE)

  • S Tier Artemia, Cleo, Nyx
  • A Tier Maria, Aisha, Esker, Pavel
  • B Tier Lilia, Lorraine, Ophelia
  • C Tier Lewisia, Veronica

King’s Raid (Best Wizards for PvP)

  • S TierMaria, Nyx, Pavel
  • A Tier Ophelia, Lilia
  • B Tier Artemia, Cleo, Lorraine
  • C Tier Veronica, Esker, Lewisia, Aisha

(Mention codes or list one after one )

Categories of King’s Raid tier list

7 different categories are there for the King’s Raid. These are mentioned below:

  1. Knights
  2. Warriors
  3. Assassins
  4. Wizards
  5. Mechanics
  6. Priests
  7. Archers

Level up your King’s Raid game

The game has the section to level up your play. You can earn this in a battleground and many other things in the game. You can get into the fight in battles, in order to return your EXP. Leveling up the heroes in this particular denotes the increasing the skills of this game.

The best thing about this game is the alteration of the tier list. With respect to the time, all the tier lists get updated. If you want to increase your skills in the game, You need to conquer the war battles as much as you can.

Some important notes of King’s Raid Tier List:

These are some of the necessary notes to follow by the games while focusing on the King’s raid tier list:

  • The tier list table can help you A LOT! Otherwise, you can use the SEARCH function on the browser
  • There are a lot of units which are not placed at the top. However, these units are absolutely usable. You only need to focus on the player who is enjoying playing the game.
  • CRS and Labs may not put into effect. The poor rating heroes excel there.
  • Specification for Arena: The “Teamcomps” are more significant compared to the ranks. Do not prioritize for strengthening your games.
  • You can use the tier list in your hand device or the desktop too.

The more you play the more your skills will be developed. Play as you’re fullest to enjoy this ultimate game of Kings Raid. Hope you have no confusion for the king’s raid tier list. We will update all the tier lists from time to time.

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